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Stronger international perspective in national transport planning

12 March, 2014

One of the conclusions of the work is that there is a lack of national strategies how to collaborate with colleagues in other countries during the planning processes. This reduces the capacity to collect information, knowledge and experiences in neighbour regions abroad.

The report perceives main reasons for such a situation in:

  • Differences in transport planning systems in the Baltic Sea counties (in material content, time horizons, organisational cultures and legal competences of transport planning and executive entities);
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities, and additional administrative burden associated with inserting the international perspective in ordinary transport planning routines;
  • Scarcity of financial resources for transport investments, which results in a pole position of investments implementing the national transport priorities;
  • Dependency on individuals and the degree they are committed to an idea of broadening the perspective of national transport planning.

The report proposes a number of solutions to strengthen the coordination of transport planning processes in the Baltic Sea Region. They range from developing joint decision-making instruments through better linking of Interreg programmes to the TEN-T implementation, up to facilitated institutional learning and the exchange of information on national transport plans and strategies.

The report can be accessed HERE.

More news

  • Key results of the project to be presented in Brussels

    The final event of the BSR TransGovernance project, scheduled in Brussels on 3 November, will present the key findings of the project. The event features debates in a chain of panels with involvement of European, national, regional, local and market representatives discussing measures recommended by the project partnership to better coordinate transport policies.
    Published 11 September 2014 Read more

  • Project at the helm for transport policy discussions in Turku

    During the recent Baltic Sea Days in Turku, Finland, the BSR TransGovernance project was involved in the making of two sessions which dealt with the opportunities of multi-level governance for optimising transport policy frameworks in the Baltic Sea Region.
    Published 23 June 2014 Read more

  • Japanese ministry delegation informed about the project

    Representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism were briefed about the project and its focus during a visit to Blekinge and The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. The representatives were interested in multi-level governance as the topic is being discussed actively in Japan at the moment.
    Published 25 November 2013 Read more

  • Project exhibited at the EUSBSR Annual Forum

    By invitation of the European Commission, BSR TransGovernance took part in the project exhibition at the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 11 and 12. The presence of the project was highly appreciated as one of the key messages of the conference was the need to better involve all levels of society into realizing the strategy.
    Published 12 November 2013 Read more

  • Politicians met to discuss cross-border development

    Political representatives from the Öresund, Helsinki-Tallinn and greater Oslo areas met in Copenhagen on September 26 in order to share and discuss political experiences from the regions.
    Published 06 November 2013 Read more

  • Successful meeting with stakeholders in Riga to discuss transnational transport planning

    In connection to this year's Baltic Development Forum Summit, which gathers high level decisions makers in the region, the BSR TransGovernance project arranged a meeting on May 29th to discuss transnational transport issues with relevant experts. The meeting was was successfully held with the participation of transport ministries, the European Commission, pan-Baltic organizations and experts in the field of multi-level governance in transport.
    Published 24 June 2013 Read more

  • The project and its focus presented online

    The web portal newsWave has published a text on the project and its focus area.
    Published 09 April 2013 Read more

  • First project findings presented in Tallinn

    The BSR TransGovernance project presented the first findings related to the concept of multi-level governance in transport in Tallinn on January 17th.
    Published 25 January 2013 Read more

  • BSR TransGovernance project approved

    The project proposal for BSR TransGovernance was approved in June 2012 for funding from the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. In November the partners gathered in Blekinge, Sweden for the first general project meeting.
    Published 25 January 2013 Read more

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