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TransGovernance highlights

Key results of the project presented in Brussels

Final event Brussels 3 November
Participants actively took part in the event through interactive questions

The final event of the BSR TransGovernance project, was held in Brussels on 3 November, where the key findings of the project were presented.

The event features debates in a chain of panels with involvement of European, national, regional, local and market representatives discussing measures recommended by the project partnership to better coordinate transport policies.

Over 50 participants representing the EU, national, regional and local levels, together with business and NGO representatives took part in the event.

The event featured debates in a chain of panels with involvement of all decision making levels discussing measures recommended by the project partnership to better coordinate transport policies for:

  • the Baltic Sea Region as a pioneering case of macroregional cooperation in Europe,
  • cross-border areas with high dynamics of passenger and trade flows,
  • international multimodal transport corridors,
  • intermodal terminal sites.

Read the project FINAL REPORT HERE!

Project at the helm for transport policy discussions in Turku

During the recent Baltic Sea Days in Turku, Finland, the BSR TransGovernance project was involved in the making of two sessions which dealt with the opportunities of multi-level governance for optimising transport policy frameworks in the Baltic Sea Region.

Read more HERE.

Reorganising transport policies for cross-border integration areas. The three MESO case reports now available!

The BSR TransGovernance project has consulted a wide group of stakeholders to conclude on the cooperation quality and alignment of transport policies in the cross-border metropolitan regions of: Öresund, Helsinki-Tallinn and south-eastern Norway. The three dedicated reports (Task 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7) cast a light on gains and failures in the cooperative planning processes across the frontiers and between the governance tiers, proposing explicit multi-level governance measures to catch up with dynamic market integration processes. Read the reports here.

Cross-border transport integration processes - In a chase for multi-level governance benchmarks

BSR TransGovernance arranged a seminar (Malmö, 31 March) to allow interfacing between representatives of three territories (Öresund Region, Helsinki-Tallinn metropolitan area and south-eastern Norway) which witness turbulent processes of freight and passenger flows across the state borders. Despite individual specificities, all the cases feature some similar market integration drivers, which suffer from lagging behind policy responses. The upcoming MESO case reports (expected in April 2014) will strive to craft them for the EU, national, regional and local decision-makers.

Read more on the Baltic Development Forum website.

Wasted potential of Interreg projects? BSR TransGovernance displays an untapped resource for international cooperation in transport planning

Interviews and workshops carried out by the project reveal a striking observation that achievements of EU territorial cooperation programmes are surprisingly unknown to many decision-makers responsible for strategic transport planning processes around the Baltic Sea. The recently released Task 3.3 report presents key solutions to improve the capacity of transnational and cross-border projects in connecting transport ministries and administrations across the national borders and between governmental levels. Read the report here.



Region Blekinge, BSR TransGovernance, Valhallavägen 1, 371 41 Karlskrona, Sweden.